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  1. ASN1C Performance and Benchmarking

    We're commonly asked to provide benchmarking results to prospective customers who are concerned about processing data in a timely fashion. Bearing in mind Mark Twain's famous dictum about statistics, we hoped to blog briefly about the complexities of ASN.1 benchmarking; we provide a link to a paper below with …

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  2. Linux Build System Compatibility

    We don't often write about our build and test infrastructure, but one of our more observant users noticed a change in our Linux package descriptions recently, and this is a subject of broader interest for those concerned with our support policies and practices.

    We built ASN1C version 6.7.3 …

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  3. Embedded System Support

    From time to time we receive emails asking about our embedded system support: do we support this operating system or that architecture or an unusual compiler?

    The usual answer to these questions is a simple yes: ASN1C and XBinder support most embedded configurations. Usually we need to know a bit …

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  4. Zero on Free

    We have recently begun testing a feature for zeroing memory on free (and on reset, when initiated using the rtxMemReset function). It has tested well and should appear in new releases for 6.6, 6.7, and our forthcoming 6.8 (TBA). The motivation for such a feature is that …

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  5. Secure Code and ASN1C

    Writing and generating secure code in ASN1C is something that we consider regularly, both internally and through the occasional chat with our customers. In response to recent feedback, we now generate C/C++ code with stricter memory copying checks (this functionality appears in version 6.7.2). We are testing …

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  6. Announcing ASN2TXT 2.4.1

    We're proud to release ASN2TXT 2.4.1, the latest patch to our ASN.1 to Text conversion tool. It is a recommended upgrade for all users that includes some under-the-covers improvements to error handling and some bug fixes. Those of you interested in embedding our ASN2TXT DLL in your …

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  7. Writing Multi-threaded Applications with ASN1C

    It's fairly rare that we receive emails related to using ASN1C libraries in a multi-threaded application, but we know many applications use ASN1C-generated code and libraries in a multi-threaded environment. While the complexities of multi-threading are well without the scope of our blog, we did want to provide some guidance …

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  8. Explicit Error Reporting in ASN1C

    We are happy to announce that we will begin providing error-handling sources with our optimized runtime libraries in forthcoming versions of ASN1C. Optimized runtime libraries omit the error handling messages and stack traces that help users to debug applications in a non-optimized context. This functionality comes at a performance and …

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