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  1. Optimization, Licensing, and Performance

    Users evaluating our ASN1C SDK frequently find they don't get the encoding or decoding performance they hoped for.  The libraries we provide for evaluation have less-than-optimal performance for two reasons: they are not optimized and they include license checking overhead. Customers who need to evaluate performance characteristics can request access …

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  2. V2X Python Wrapper Updated for Python 3

    We have updated the Python wrapper in our V2X API packages to support Python 3 (in addition to supporting Python 2.7).   Also, all platforms, not just 64-bit ones, now include the Python wrapper.

    About Objective System's V2X API

    The V2X API is available for C++, Java, and C#.  It …

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  3. Improved TBCD and BCD Support for Java/C#

    Our next release of ASN1C (v 7.3) will include improved support for TBCD and BCD strings for Java and C#.  In short, for these types, the toString/ToString function will return the TBCD/BCD interpretation of the octets, rather than merely their hexadecimal representation.  This also improves the print …

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  4. XBinder Version 2.6 Release

    We recently released a new major version of our XBinder XML Schema Compiler product.  XBinder generates C, C++, Java, or C# code from XML Schema (XSD) definitions, making it easier to create and consume compliant XML documents in a programmatic way.

    New features in this release include the following:

      • Generation …
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  5. ASN1C 7.2 Improved Comment Handling

    In version 7.2, we improved our handling of ASN.1 comments, as follows.

    • When using the "Pretty-print ASN.1" (-asn1)  option, comments from type assignments and elements (SEQUENCE/SET/CHOICE components) are now included in the output.  Previously, pretty-printed ASN.1 did not include any ASN.1 comments in …
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  6. ASN1C Eclipse Plugin Updated

    Have you tried to install our ASN1C Eclipse plugin, or the ASN.1 Editor Plugin found on SourceForge, and seen this:

    An error occurred while installing the items
     session context was:(profile=epp.package.java, phase=org.eclipse.equinox.internal.p2.engine.phases.Install, operand=null --> [R]net.sourceforge.asneditor …
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  7. ASN1C Support for C++ STL with C++11

    ASN1C v6.7 Beta is out, with new features for users of C++11. Instead of generating code with the -cpp option, use -cpp11, and ASN1C will generate code using C++ Standard Library classes std::array, std::list, and std::string, in place of normal C++ static arrays, Objective System's …

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