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  1. Extending JSON Encoding Rules (JER)

    ITU-T standardized the JSON encoding of ASN.1 data in X.697 (JER), but we believe customers want to support use cases the standard doesn't address.  This post briefly describes two extensions to JER that we're planning to implement in our ASN.1 compiler, ASN1C.  We plan to implement the …

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  2. The updated ASN1C Eclipse Plug-in

    An updated version of our ASN1C Eclipse Plug-in is now available for Eclipse versions 4.6 (Neon) and higher.

    A previous version of this plug-in had been available for Eclipse 3.x.  However, once Eclipse modified the way in which it installs and supports plug-ins, this version ceased to function …

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  3. The ASN1C Visual Studio Wizard

    You may or not be aware that ASN1C includes a Visual Studio Wizard that you can use from Visual Studio to build a library from one or more ASN.1 files. If you have at least ASN1C v732, the wizard is present and usable.

    The files for the wizard are …

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  4. Improved TBCD and BCD Support for Java/C#

    Our next release of ASN1C (v 7.3) will include improved support for TBCD and BCD strings for Java and C#.  In short, for these types, the toString/ToString function will return the TBCD/BCD interpretation of the octets, rather than merely their hexadecimal representation.  This also improves the print …

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  5. Re-using Decoded Items in a Subsequent Encoding

    This blog post attempts to provide advice about re-using items from a decoded message in a subsequent encoding of a different message.

    Let's look at the employee sample in the c/sample_ber/employee directory of the ASN1C SDK. The ASN.1 specification for this sample is fairly simple and looks …

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  6. Compact code generation in ASN1C

    Published: Tue 27 March 2018
    By eday

    In ASN1C.

    ASN.1 is used in a lot of different areas and a new area that is within the Internet of Things (IoT).  In particular Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) uses ASN.1 UPER-based messaging.

    One characteristic of these devices is they are small, so code size is critical.  We have been working …

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  7. ASN1C 7.2 Improved Comment Handling

    In version 7.2, we improved our handling of ASN.1 comments, as follows.

    • When using the "Pretty-print ASN.1" (-asn1)  option, comments from type assignments and elements (SEQUENCE/SET/CHOICE components) are now included in the output.  Previously, pretty-printed ASN.1 did not include any ASN.1 comments in …
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