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  1. Missing DLL Error When Trying to Start ASN1VE on Windows

    If you're running a Windows system with a version of the operating system that is older than Windows 10, there's a chance you'll see a pop-up box like this if you install and try to start ASN1VE:


    The missing DLL is part of the Visual Studio 2015 redistributable kit. If …

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  2. Creating new messages in ASN1VE using Copy & Paste

    Starting with version 2.4 of ASN1VE, File menu items for creating new hex and base64 messages have been consolidated into the New... menu item. For users who depend on the ability to create new data files from existing hexadecimal and base64 text, we've also improved support for pasting directly …

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  3. Importing XML data into ASN1VE

    ASN1VE v2.2 contains a new feature that allows XML data to be imported.  This can prove especially useful for a number of applications including new message creation and bulk editing of existing data.  In the latter case, all one would need to do is save an existing message in …

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  4. ASN1VE and Qt

    ASN1VE (as well as the GUIs for our other products) depend on Nokia's Qt libraries. As a GUI toolkit, Qt is very powerful, very versatile, and has terrific cross-platform support. However, runtime library resolution can be tricky due to manifest issues and platform differences (Windows will look for the libraries …

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  5. Improved Large File Support in ASN1VE

    One of the issues we hear about often concerning ASN1VE is problems working with extremely large files.  A common use case for ASN1VE is using it with with telecom billing files such as TAP3, NRTRDE, or other CDR formats and these files can get quite large.

    The ASN1VE 2.0 …

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