1. V2X Python Wrapper Updated for Python 3

    We have updated the Python wrapper in our V2X API packages to support Python 3 (in addition to supporting Python 2.7).   Also, all platforms, not just 64-bit ones, now include the Python wrapper.

    About Objective System's V2X API

    The V2X API is available for C++, Java, and C#.  It …

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  2. New XBinder Release

    We are pleased to announce the release of XBinder 2.6.1. XBinder is an XML schema code generation tool (also commonly known as an XML data-binding application) that generates C/C++, Java, and C# code to encode/decode schema instances in XML or JSON.

    This is primarily a maintenance …

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  3. V2X API Library Update

    Published: Mon 22 July 2019
    By kbraun

    In V2X.

    With the recent release of ASN1C 7.3.3, we hsve also updated our V2X API library including adding support for ETSI TS 103 301 SPATEM, MAPEM, IVIM, SREM, and SSEM messages.

    Our V2X API library provides support for encoding V2X (Vehicle-to-everything) messages.  The library is available for C++ (as …

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  4. Extending JSON Encoding Rules (JER)

    ITU-T standardized the JSON encoding of ASN.1 data in X.697 (JER), but we believe customers want to support use cases the standard doesn't address.  This post briefly describes two extensions to JER that we're planning to implement in our ASN.1 compiler, ASN1C.  We plan to implement the …

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  5. The updated ASN1C Eclipse Plug-in

    An updated version of our ASN1C Eclipse Plug-in is now available for Eclipse versions 4.6 (Neon) and higher.

    A previous version of this plug-in had been available for Eclipse 3.x.  However, once Eclipse modified the way in which it installs and supports plug-ins, this version ceased to function …

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  6. The ASN1C Visual Studio Wizard

    You may or not be aware that ASN1C includes a Visual Studio Wizard that you can use from Visual Studio to build a library from one or more ASN.1 files. If you have at least ASN1C v732, the wizard is present and usable.

    The files for the wizard are …

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  7. Missing DLL Error When Trying to Start ASN1VE on Windows

    If you're running a Windows system with a version of the operating system that is older than Windows 10, there's a chance you'll see a pop-up box like this if you install and try to start ASN1VE:


    The missing DLL is part of the Visual Studio 2015 redistributable kit. If …

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  8. New ASN1VE and ASN2TXT releases for 2019

    New major releases of our ASN1VE and ASN2TXT products are now available. The primary new feature added to each is support for the new ASN.1 JSON Encoding Rules (JER) as documented in the ITU-T X.697 standard that was made public last fall. ASN1VE now has a JSON tab …

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