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  1. Link Order Failures

    A common set of linkage failures looks something like this:

    Undefined                        first referenced
    symbol                              in file
    rtxCtxtSetMemHeap                   /opt/asn1c-v613/c/libgcc3/libasn1ber.a(obj.o)
    rtxFileReadBinary                   /opt/asn1c-v613/c/libgcc3/libasn1ber.a(rtb.o)

    The two symbols rtxCtxtSetMemHeap and rtxReadFileBinary are defined in our common runtime library. Users always report …

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  2. Stack Check Failures

    A number of our Linux users have written to us about linking failures that look something like this:

    undefined reference to `__stack_chk_fail'

    Link errors of this sort arise when trying to link an application using a version of gcc that is inconsistent with the one we used to compile our …

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