Objective Systems is pleased to announce the release of version 7.6 of our flagship product ASN1C.

ASN1C is a code generation tool targeted at developers who produce products based on Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) and XML standards. It is capable of generating code in six different programming languages: C, C++, Java, C#, and Python, and Go.

The following is a summary of all of the new features:

Partial Decoding of PER/UPER Messages
It is now possible to configure C/C++ PER or UPER decoders to decode only parts of a message and skip over the other content.
Raw Event Parsing of PER/UPER Messages
A new capability named 'raw event parsing' was added as a C/C++ PER decoding option. This is similar to the existing event parsing capabiity except that the data is not decoded prior to invoking the event callbacks. This makes it possible to skip over content that is not of interest and only target certain fields for full decoding.
Go JSON (JER) Code Generation
The capability to generate JSON Encoding Rules (JER) encoders and decoders was added for the Go language.
Go Custom Run-time Source Code Generation
The capability was added to generate a custom run-time source file (runtime.go) that only includes the run-time functions necessary for a given schema and set of compilation options. This reduces the amount of code needed to support a given project.
Support for the Generation of JSON test files for Go
Support has been added via the new -test-json option for generating random test data in JSON files. The JSON corresponds to the structures generated for the Go language and can be directly unmarshaled into these structures for testing.
Improvements to the ASN1C GUI
Added auto-indent capability to ASN.1 editor. Also added support for creating configuration files in ACGUI including auto-completion.
Support for 2021 ASN.1 Standards Updates
Support for features in the 2021 version of the ASN.1 standards have been added.
Support for Visual Studio 2022
C/C++ run-time libraries built with Visual Studio 2020 have been added.
Update of Cryptographic Message Syntax ASN.1
Newer versions of Cryptograhic Message Syntax ASN.1 specifications have been added to the built-in schema set. This includes the 2021 updates to the Evidence Record Syntax (ERS) and Server-based Certificate Validation Protocol (SCVP) ASN.1 specifications.

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The release is available as free upgrade to users with active support.