We are pleased to announce the second major release of our ASN1VE and ASN2TXT products in 2022.

ASN1VE (ASN.1 Viewer / Editor) is a graphical user interface (GUI) tool for analyzing and editing ASN.1 encoded data. The primary reason for doing a new major release at this time was to upgrade the underlying GUI toolkit (Qt) to a new more recent version. This was done because we became aware that the version we were using did not support more recent versions of Apple macOS operating system including the currect version (Monterey).

ASN1VE now supports all newer version of Apple Mac x86-64 computers and operating systems, however, it still does not support the new Apple Silicon Macs (M1 and M2). That is because as of this writing, the GUI toolkit still does not support them. We will continue to monitor this and add support as soon as we can.

A new version of ASN2TXT was built in order to upgrade its GUI to use the new version of Qt as well.

Other new features for the two products are documented in the Release Notes and Change Log. See the Product Support Page at obj-sys.com/support/asn1ve.php