We've updated our V2X API for the latest ETSI specifications. The API now supports the latest ETSI specifications (current as of 2021-03), including:

  • ETSI 302 637-2 v1.4.1 (CAM)
  • ETSI 302 637-3 v1.3.1 (DENM)
  • ETSI 102 894-2 v1.3.1 (ITS-Container)
  • ETSI 103 301 v2.1.1 (SPATEM, MAPEM, IVIM, SREM, and SSEM)

About Objective System's V2X API

The V2X API is available for C++, Java, and C#.  It supports encoding/decoding V2X messages defined by SAE J2735 and ETSI standards.

The Python and Go wrappers enable easy conversion between binary and text encodings by providing a simple Python or Go interface on top of the C++ API.

For more, go here.