Version 2.7 of our XBinder XML Schema Compiler was recently released.

XBinder is an XML Schema (XSD) code generation tool that can generate code in four different languages (C, C++, Java, or C#) for marshaling and unmarshaling objects to and from XML or JSON format.

This release updates the development tools and libraries used to create XBinder to more recent versions. The following updated products are now used:

Visual Studio 2017

The version of Microsoft Visual Studio used to build the compiler and default run-time libraries was upgraded from VS 2015 to VS 2017.

GNU gcc libraries

GNU gcc libraries from version 4 through 10 are now available in the development package. Versions 4 though 6 were avaliable in previous packages.

Qt version used for the XBEditor GUI

Qt version 5.14.1 is now used to build the GUI. Previously, version 5.9.x was used which is now EOL.


The version of Xerces used to do XML schema valiation in the GUI has been upgraded to v3.2.3.

XBinder SDK Packages for ARM and Apple M1

Full XBinder SDK packages are now available for Linux ARM 32-bit and 64-bit, and Apple Mac M1.