Chapter 1. XBinder Overview

The XBinder code generation tool translates an XML Schema Definition (XSD) source file into computer language C# or Java source files. These source files contain an application programming interface (API) that allows programmatic data to be encoded to XML format and decoded to programmatic variables. Each variable is of a type that corresponds to a type, element, or attribute defined within the XML schema document.

Each XSD source file results in the generation of C#/Java classes that represent each of the XSD types and global elements contained within the XSD source file. These classes contain encode, decode, and utility functions. A print utility function may be generated to print the object tree.

These generated classes, along with the XBinder run-time, provide a complete package for working with XML encoded data.

The diagram below shows the flow that accomplishes the translation from an XML schema definition to Java or C# source code: