XML Numeric Values Format Specification

This section addresses customization of the encoding format of numeric values (XSD double, decimal, or float types). It is sometimes necessary to have numbers formatted in a certain way. For example, a decimal value of 12 may need to be formatted as "+0012.00". It is possible using these qualifiers to specify the exact required format of such values. This can be done at any scope - global, schema or node. To customize the format of all decimal, double or float values at the global or schema level, use the <decimalFormat>, <doubleFormat> and <floatFormat> configuration elements respectively. For the node scope, use <numericFormat> element.


   <decimalFormat | doubleFormat | floatFormat | numericFormat

The application of these attributes varies according to the XSD type. The formatting of float/double values and the formatting of decimal values are discussed in detail in the next two sections.


The application of this configuration information to C# and Java differs from C and C++.