Chapter 1. XBinder Overview

The XBinder code generation tool translates an XML Schema Definitions (XSD) or Web Services Definition Language (WSDL) source file into computer language C, C++, Java, or C# source files. These source files contain an application programming interface (API) that allows programatic data to be encoded to XML format and decoded to programatic variables. Each variable is of a type that corresponds to a type, element, or attribute defined within the XML schema document.

This manual discusses C/C++ code generation. Java and C# code generation are documented in the XBinder Java/C# User's Manual.

Each XSD or WSDL source file results in the generation of the following C/C++ language files

These files, when compiled and linked with the XBinder run-time encode/decode function library, provide a complete package for working with XML encoded data

XBinder is compliant with the 2001 version of the W3C XML Schema standard ( 2001/XMLSchema). The encode API functions generate valid, well-formed XML messages that are consistent with the encoding procedures described in the standard. The decode API options are capable of decoding an instance of an XML instance that complies with the schema definition.