Chapter 7.  Generated C Encode/Decode Functions

Table of Contents

Preparing C Data Variables for Encoding
Generated XML Encode Functions
Generated XML Decode Functions
Generated Validation Functions
Generated Print Functions
Generated Test Functions
Generated Identity Constraint Test Functions
Generated Reader and Writer Programs
Generated WSDL SOAP Stub Functions
Generated WSDL SOAP Skeleton Server and Client Programs
Generated SSL Stub Functions
Generated SSL Client Programs
Other Generated Functions
Generated Makefile

XBinder generates C encode functions to transform data from a populated C structure into an XML message instance. This process is known as marshalling or serialization in similar products. It generates decode functions to parse data from an XML message instance and store the data in a variable of the generated C structure. This is known as unmarshalling or deserialization in other applications.

The following sections describe procedures for using the XBinder generated functions to encode and decode XML data.