XML C DOM Interface

An abstract interface to third party Document Object Model (DOM) implementations is available through the DOM interface. This is defined in the file domAPI.h in the rtdomsrc subdirectory. A user is required to implement these functions to interface with the DOM implementation of their choice.

A default implemetation that interfaces to the libxml2 DOM library is available in the domAPI.c file.

The steps required to create your own DOM interface to XBinder generated structures is as follows:

1. Create an implemetation of all run-time functions defined in domAPI.h. Note that the DOM structures in this file are simply defined as void pointers. This is because the actual definitions of these structures varies between implementations. Concrete mappings to the structure definitions are defined in the implementation file.

2. Compile your XSD specifications with the -dom command-line option instead of -xml. This will cause functions to be generated that will call the abstract DOM functions.

3. The makefile will need to be modified to link with your DOM implementation library.

Note that the DOM interface is currently only available for C. A C++ interface is not available at this time.