The ASN.1 to Text Translator (ASN2TXT) is a tool for translating binary ASN.1-encoded data files to various textual formats such as XML, JSON, or CSV.

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ASN2TXT v2.9.x is the current production release version. Features of this product include:

  • Capability to translate binary-encoded data to XML/XER/CXER, JSON, comma-separated value (CSV), and brace text textual format.
  • Capability to do translations in the reverse direction from text to binary formats.
  • Capability to do translation of XML Encoding Rules (XER) to Canonical XER form (CXER) is supported.
  • Capability to translate Basic Encoding Rules (BER) to Canonical form (DER) is supported.
  • Capability to do translation of BER-encoded data without an ASN.1 schema. A configuration file with information on tags and data formats can be used.
  • Capability to filter output results so that only selected parts of a data file are added to the output.
  • Improvements to DOM support that allow operations such as adding nodes, deleting nodes, and modifying the contents of nodes to be performed. It is also possible to find nodes using XPath expressions.
  • Capability to invoke DOM methods in the Windows DLL through a .NET interface from programs developed using C#.

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