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  Type GeneralizedTime takes values of the year, month, day, hour, time, minute,second, and second fraction in any of three forms.

  1. Local time only. ``YYYYMMDDHH[MM[SS[.fff]]]'', where the optional fff is accurate to three decimal places.
  2. Universal time (UTC time) only. ``YYYYMMDDHH[MM[SS[.fff]]]Z''.
  3. Difference between local and UTC times. ``YYYYMMDDHH[MM[SS[.fff]]]+-HHMM''.

The type notation is the keyword GeneralizedTime. For example, if

    CurrentTime  ::=  GeneralizedTime

then any of the following three values of CurrentTime are valid: ``20001231235959.999'' is 1/1000 second before the end of the 20th century local time; ``20001231205959.999Z'' is the universal time three hours different from the above local time; and ``20001231235959.999+0300'' indicates the local time is three hours ahead of universal time.

Applying a size constraint to a GeneralizedTime is not permitted.

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