One of our longstanding items for improvement in ASN1C has been the interface used to wrap the command-line tool. In ASN1C 6.3, we made a lot of changes to the GUI, both in the way it is programmed and in the presentation to the user.

Since Qt was released under the LGPL, we have transitioned from our commercial license (3.3) to the open-sourced (4.6). ASN1C 6.3 should showcase somewhat better integration with your chosen operating system in addition to some nicer icons and other features.

We also made some changes to our project format. The new GUI will read old projects, but project files created with the new GUI will be incompatible with the old. This was necessitated by essentially having to recode the GUI hooks from scratch. Reorganizing the interface (see below) required remapping some of the options, and therefore relocating them in the project files. Meta data are now included in the project files, so it will be possible to tell when you load an older project with a newer interface.

On the outside, the interface has been redesigned to use a tabbed approach to options instead of a large number of steps in a Wizard. The old wizard is still there, but options common to all languages have been isolated into one screen, while language-specific options now only occupy one screen of their own:



The net effect is fewer screens to navigate through, better organization, and a better-integrated experience.

In the future, we also plan to convert the documentation for the GUI into a Qt help resource instead of using the old text browser element.