We have released version 6.8.3 of our ASN1C ASN.1 compiler product.  This is a patch release that fixed a number of issues.  Of note were several changes in the area of generating C# projects and test code.  We also fixed a crash in ASN.1-to-XSD translation that would occur if an attempt was made to translate a specification that contained the newer time types.  Support has been added for these and the crash fixed.

For a full list of changes that went into this release, please consult the Change Log.

We have also released version 2.4.4 of our ASN1VE Viewer/Editor application.  This includes a critical patch to 3GPP TS 32.297 CDR header decoding in which the length of the header was not being properly accounted for during decoding.  Also fixed was a crash that would occur when CDR type was selected and fixed and repeating header lengths were both set to zero.

A full list of the ASN1VE changes is available in the ASN1VE Change Log.