ASN1VE and Qt

ASN1VE (as well as the GUIs for our other products) depend on Nokia's Qt libraries. As a GUI toolkit, Qt is very powerful, very versatile, and has terrific cross-platform support. However, runtime library resolution can be tricky due to manifest issues and platform differences (Windows will look for the libraries in the executable directory immediately, while most UNIXes will not).

Our situation is complicated somewhat by supporting so many platforms for which Nokia do not provide packages. Rather than maintaining multiple versions of Qt across our supported platforms, we upgrade at significant milestones in development and build the libraries ourselves. This can occasionally leave us out of sync with the libraries provided in common UNIX distributions (especially enterprise Linux distributions, which often lag others).

As a consequence, users of our software may rarely encounter undefined symbol errors or segmentation faults when running ASN1VE. (To discover if this will happen, run the equivalent of ldd asn1ve.) If the system-default Qt libraries are relatively old or not installed at all, a simple solution is to run ASN1VE using an appropriate LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable set.

For example:

/opt/asn1ve_v213/bin$ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${PWD} ./asn1ve

We anticipate adding a script in new releases of ASN1VE that will automate this process and hopefully simplify any problems our users may encounter. In the meantime, please email us if you have any questions or problems.