We have recently made some improvements to the free, ASN2XML web translation service which we thought were worth mentioning. This service is available at the following URL:


One improvement is that it is now possible to copy/paste hexadecimal or base64 text that contains the ASN.1 binary message code to be translated directly into a text box rather than having to upload a file. This is done by clicking the 'Text' radio button in Step 1. The text can then be entered or pasted into the text box that appears and the type of text selected.

Another improvement is the addition of the 'Built-in' schema button in Step 2. This allows use of a number of ASN.1 schemas from common standards that have been pre-loaded. As of this writing, these standards include the following:

  • 3GPP/LTE schemas for S1AP, X2AP, and LTE-RRC
  • 3GPP UMTS schemas for NBAP, RANAP, RNSAP, and RRC
  • IETF schemas for PKIX and CMS
  • GSMA TAP3 and NRTRDE CDR schemas

We plan to continue to add more built-in schemas and are open to suggestions as to what you would like to see.

Finally, the restriction that the user be logged in from a user account has been removed. The service can now be used anonymously.

Users should be cognizant of the notification at the bottom of how data submitted to the service will be used. We will not pass the data on to 3rd parties for any reason; however, we do reserve the right to use it for internal testing to (hopefully) improve the quality of our products.



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