A new maintenance release of CSTADLL (v2.0.3) is now available. This release includes several fixes, including a performance fix in which some processing specific to logging is now only done if logging is enabled; before it was done regardless.

In addition there are a couple of new features in this release. One is the introduction of a connection lost callback mechanism. This mechanism allows a user to define a method that will be invoked if CSTADLL detects that the connection to the PBX has been lost. The method can do whatever is needed to re-establish communication with the PBX, such as issue a new MakeACSEAssociation() call.

There are also a couple of features that have been added for Panasonic PBX devices. One is a GetGroupMembers() method that can return, for example, the extensions associated with an incoming call distribution group device.

And a second Panasonic-specific feature is a new SendKmeMessage() method. Panasonic PBXes have numerous capabilities that can be accessed via vendor-specific messages sent to the PBX; Panasonic uses the prefix Kme in their names for these messages. The SendKmeMessage() method will send a properly encoded Kme message to the PBX and wait for the response.

You can find out more information about CSTADLL here: http://www.obj-sys.com/products/csta/index.php (click the CSTA .NET DLL tab).