Version 2.2.0 of Objective Systems' CSTADLL product is now available. This version adds the following new capabilities:

  • XML CSTA Support - It's now possible to send and receive XML CSTA (ECMA-323) messages.
  • Easier Extensibility - It's now easier to extend CSTADLL to work with PBXes that are not already explicitly supported.
  • Newer Visual Studio Version - The main DLL and the .exe files for the provided sample clients are built with Visual Studio 2013.
  • New MakeACSEAssociation() signatures for the SiemensCap class.
  • A new MonitorStart() signature that accepts a ConnectionID instead of a device.
  • The Panasonic-specific ASN.1 definitions have been updated from v6.5 to v8.0.
  • A new SetAgentState() method has been added for phase 3 and has been included in the new XML class.

You can find out about CSTADLL by looking at the CSTA .NET DLL tab on this page: