A few noteworthy changes have been made recently to our free web tools.

One is that a new tool has been added: ASN.1 Syntax Check.  This, as the name suggests, will run a basic syntax check on submitted ASN.1 schema files.  If the check is successful, an HTML representation of the ASN.1 syntax will be presented.  If syntax errors are detected, a display of the error and approximate line number is shown.

Another change is that it is now possible to upload multiple ASN.1 schema files.  In the past, it was necessary to combine all ASN.1  modules into a single text file.  The entire set of modules can now be uploaded as separate files.  Note that this requires that your web browser support multiple file selection, an HTML5 feature.  Most modern web browsers do, but there are some notable exceptions such as IE 9 and earlier.  No workarounds are planned to support these older browsers.

Finally, the underlying tools that do the work have been upgraded to the latest versions.  This includes ASN2TXT v2.4 which does ASN.1 to XML translation, ASN1C v6.7 which is used for XSD conversion and syntax checking, and the latest version of 3GPP NAS decoder.



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