Improved Large File Support in ASN1VE

One of the issues we hear about often concerning ASN1VE is problems working with extremely large files.  A common use case for ASN1VE is using it with with telecom billing files such as TAP3, NRTRDE, or other CDR formats and these files can get quite large.

The ASN1VE 2.0 release attempts to solve some of these issues.  One area of improvement is in not attempting to decode all repeating records within a large repeating construct (for example, the Call Event Details list within a TAP3 file) at once.  Decoding several thousand records at once does not make much sense because a user could not view them all anyway.  So the new way of doing it is to decode up to some configurable amount (1000 is the default) and end the list with a special "More..." icon.  The user can then click this icon to expand the next set, and continue to do this to incrementally decode as many records as desired.

Of course, if the user does have a need to decode large quantities of data at once and get it loaded into the tree view (perhaps to do a search), it is possible to change the "Maximum number of records decoded at one time" configuration parameter.  The user will just need to sit and wait patiently in this case and make sure they have lots of memory available in their PC.