We have added the new 3GPP/LTE 5G NR (New Radio) ASN.1 API’s for use with ASN1C.  These 5G API’s are extended sample programs that contain the complete ASN.1 specifications extracted from the relevant 3GPP 5G standard documents.  The API’s are available at the following URL ("LTE ASN.1 APIs" tab):


There are API’s available for 3GPP release 15 of the different 5G AP specification types.  API’s are currently available for LTE-RRC 5G NR, E1AP 5G NR, F1AP 5G NR, NGAP 5G NR, and XnAP 5G NR LTE ASN.1 specifications.

Additionally, the existing 3GPP LTE APIs (such as S1AP, e.g.) have been updated to their latest releases (rel 14 or 15).

Finally, support for specification TS 24.501 (NAS protocol for 5G Systems) has been added to the NAS DLL.  Support for the SDK add-on will be included in the next release of ASN1C.