New Component Now Available: TAP3DLL

Published: Tue 03 June 2014
By eday

In TAP3.

We have created a new component for working with Transferred Account Procedure 3 (TAP3) data files. This is a Dynamic-Linked Library (DLL on Windows or shared object on Linux) for encoding and decoding TAP3 data.

TAP3 is a GSM standard specified in document TD.57. There is also a companion specification for Return Account Procedure (RAP) specified in TD.32. A good overview of the standard and what they are used for is available at the following URL:

The data format described by the standard uses ASN.1 syntax and the Basic Encoding Rules (BER). It is therefore something that we were able to generate code for using our ASN1C compiler and this is what formed the basis of the DLL. But in addition to containing only code generated for a single version of TAP3, the DLL contains support for multiple versions. This was done by compiling versions 9 through 12 of the standard ASN.1 and providing a special function that could be used a in a reader program to detect the version of a TAP file being read.

The DLL is also a portable component that, on Windows, can be used with Visual Studio 2010 or higher and possibly with other compilers supporting a DLL interface. It is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit configurations for both Windows and Linux. It was developed using the C language which allows it to be used in both straight C applications as well as C++.

For further information, please visit the TAP3DLL product page.