We have upgraded our FREE web tool for decoding 3GPP messages, adding support for GERAN RRC messages (3GPP TS44.018) to our previously existing support for 3GPP TS 24.008 (Core Network Protocols), TS 24.011 (Point-to-point Short Message Service), and TS 24.301 (LTE NAS Protocol).

This service is available at the following URL:


The service allows for entering or pasting hexadecimal text that describes a binary message to be decoded.  There are a few rules that need to be followed on the format of this text:

  • It must contain an even number of characters with 2 hexadecimal character per octet
  • The characters that make up each octet may be space separated or contiguous; however, use of comma as a separator is currently not allowed
  • The hexadecimal octets may not be preceded by a '0x' prefix

Once entered, the service will attempt to decode the message and present the results in brace text format in the text box below.  Here's some sample output:

   l3HdrOpts {
      skipInd = 0
   protoDiscr = mobMgmt
   msgType = 20
   data {
      obj_AuthenticationResponse {
         respParam = 0xabfb454c

We encourage developers to try it out and welcome feedback as to whether the decoding results are as expected or not.



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