TAP 3 DLL Software for ASN1C v74

Published: Mon 06 July 2020
By dcoup

In TAP3.

The Objective Systems TAP 3 DLL product provides a library of C functions for encoding and decoding messages formatted according to any of the following specifications:

  • TAP (Transferred Account Procedure) versions 0309 through 0312, as defined in the TD.57 documents.
  • RAP (Returned Account Procedure) version 0105-0312, as defined in the TD.32 document.
  • NRTRDE (Near Real Time Roaming Data Exchange) version 0201, as defined in the TD.35 document.

This product has recently been upgraded with the following new features:

  • C code generated with ASN1C v74.
  • Mechanisms for encoding to XML and decoding from XML.
  • Mechanisms for encoding to JSON and decoding from JSON.
  • A Python wrapper.
  • A TAP3VE GUI utility for examining TAP 3 messages, similar to our ASN1VE product.
You can find out more about the TAP 3 DLL software and download an evaluation distribution file here: