We have observed that a number of users have a need to use ASN1VE for a certain project and then no need for its use after that. For this reason, we have introduced a new licensing option:  time-limited license.

We provide 4 kinds of time-limited licensing in ASN1VE at a lower price than the permanent ASN1VE license. Those are :

  • Node-locked 3-month license
  • Node-locked 6-month license
  • node-locked 12-month license
  • 10-user unrestricted (anyhost) 12-month license

The Node-locked license can only be installed on one system, and the 10-user unrestricted license can be installed on any host (up to 10 systems).

A time-limited license is good for a project for a relatively short period of time. Support is included for the licensed time period. License can be renewed at full current price upon expiration. If you provide credit card information, you an choose to automatically renew your license at expiration.



License Management