The V2X ASN.1 encode/decode API provides functions for encoding and decoding messages defined in the SAE International Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) Message Set Dictionary J2735 standard and equivalent ETSI standards - CAM and DENM.  An updated version of the API is now available for download from the V2X API product page on our web-site.  The updated API was built with ASN1C v7.2.2 and adds the following new features:

  • Generated XER (XML) and JSON code was added making it possible to output binary data to these formats and conversely decode data in these formats back to binary form.
  • The updated API contains generated "print-to-stream" functions rather than standard print functions.  This makes it possible to set up print callbacks to print to output devices or mediums other than stdout (for example, to a GUI display).
  • Versions of the C/C++ API have been added for Linux x86 32-bit and Linux ARM 32-bit platforms.

Also note that the name of the product has changed.  It was formerly known as V2X DLL, but the name was changed to V2X API as the former gave the impression it was a Windows-only product.