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SocketState Class Reference

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byte[] ReadBuffer [get, set]
byte[][] ReadBuffers [get, set]
int TotalLength [get, set]

Detailed Description

This class contains the response received from the PBX and state information about the exchange with the PBX that is used internally by CSTADLL.

Property Documentation

byte [] ReadBuffer [get, set]

Contains the bytes read from the socket. This buffer will be filled in bit by bit as the message is read.

byte [][] ReadBuffers [get, set]

Contains multiple collections of bytes read from the socket. This array is used for situations where a response to a message comes in multiple segments (e.g., Get Switching Function Devices).

int TotalLength [get, set]

The total length of a complete message received from the PBX. This is also used as an offset into the read buffer so we can build the message as it's received.