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SocketState Class Reference

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byte[] AckBuffer [get, set]
byte[] ReadBuffer [get, set]
List< byte[]> ReadBuffers [get, set]
int TotalLength [get, set]

Detailed Description

This class contains the response received from the PBX and state information about the exchange with the PBX that is used internally by CSTADLL.

Property Documentation

byte [] AckBuffer [get, set]

Contains the first response from the PBX for situations where the PBX sends multiple response messages (e.g., Get Switching Function Devices). The data messages that are sent after this ack will be in ReadBuffers.

byte [] ReadBuffer [get, set]

Contains the bytes most recently read from the socket. This buffer will be filled in bit by bit as the message is read.

List<byte[]> ReadBuffers [get, set]

Contains multiple collections of bytes read from the socket. This array is used for situations where a response to a message comes in multiple segments (e.g., Get Switching Function Devices). For these situations the immediate response will be in AckBuffer.

int TotalLength [get, set]

The total length of a complete message received from the PBX. This is also used as an offset into the read buffer so we can build the message as it's received.