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The stream control block. More...

#include <rtxStream.h>

Public Attributes

OSRTStreamReadProc read
 pointer to read function
OSRTStreamBlockingReadProc blockingRead
 pointer to blockingRead function
OSRTStreamWriteProc write
 pointer to write function
OSRTStreamFlushProc flush
 pointer to flush function
OSRTStreamCloseProc close
 pointer to close function
OSRTStreamSkipProc skip
 pointer to skip function
OSRTStreamMarkProc mark
 pointer to mark function
OSRTStreamResetProc reset
 pointer to reset function
OSRTStreamGetPosProc getPos
 pointer to getPos function
OSRTStreamSetPosProc setPos
 pointer to setPos function
void * extra
 pointer to stream-specific data
size_t bufsize
 physical size of pctxt->buffer.data buffer
size_t readAheadLimit
 read ahead limit (used by rtxStreamMark/rtxStreamReset
size_t bytesProcessed
 the number of bytes processed by the application program
size_t markedBytesProcessed
 the marked number of bytes already processed
size_t ioBytes
 the actual number of bytes read from or written to the stream
size_t nextMarkOffset
 offset of next appropriate mark position
size_t segsize
 size of decoded segment
 id of stream (see OSRTSTRMID_* macros)
OSRTMEMBUF * pCaptureBuf
 Buffer into which data read from stream can be captured for debugging purposes.
OSUINT16 flags
 flags (see OSRTSTRMF_* macros

Detailed Description

The stream control block.

A user may implement a customized stream by defining read, skip, close functions for input streams and write, flush, close for output streams.

Definition at line 176 of file rtxStream.h.

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