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ooH323c Stack Functions

The Objective Open H.323 for C (ooH323c) protocol stack is an open source applications program interface (API) for building H.323 based applications. The stack implements Q.931/H.225 call signaling procedures, H.245 logical channel operations, and Registration, Admission, and Status (RAS) messaging for Gatekeeper communications.

The categories of user functions provided are as follows:

  • Stack command functions. These are high level functions used to initiate common H.323 telephony operations (for example, to make a call).
  • Gatekeeper functions. These are high level functions for managing communications with a gatekeeper using RAS messages.
  • H.323 endpoint management functions. These are function for used for managing the global H.323 endpoint.
  • Call management functions. These are functions used to manage active calls within the stack.
  • Capability management functions. These functions are used for negotiating capabilities between two different terminals.
  • H.225 and H.245 message handling functions. Functions for creating and handling H.323 standard ASN.1 messages.
  • Q.931 functions. Functions for the execution of various standard Q.931 operations.
  • TCP/IP and UDP socket communication functions. Low-level functions for writing data to and receiving data from sockets.

This file was last modified on 28 May 2010.
Objective Open H.323 Stack, 0.9.1