Version 2.5 of our ASN.1 Viewer/Editor product - ASN1VE - has been released.  ASN1VE is a GUI tool for analyzing and editing data encoded using various ASN.1 encoding rules including BER, DER, CER, and PER (aligned and unaligned).

The main new feature added in this release is the capability to specify non-ASN.1 headers.  It was our observation that a number of standard data formats included special headers with encoded ASN.1 data embedded within.  The tool previously had the capability to skip these headers, but the latest release allows fixed-length fields within the headers to be specified which allows for display and editing.  Fixed fields can be declared to be of three different types: character, integer, or binary.

One application for this these custom fields is the specification of 3GPP TS 32.297 headers which are now a standardized format for LTE Call Detail Records (CDR's).  There is a limitation in using this capability at this time for these types of headers in that it is possible for the header to be variable length, so the custom header capability can only be used if the header does not contain extensions.  The new version of ASN1VE also has a built-in TS 32.297 header type capability that can read the header if it is variable length as well (the data cannot be edited in this case, however).

Further information on the new release can be found in the Release Notes and Change Log.  A 15-day free trial is available by clicking the download button on the product page.