From use in large computer systems to embedded applications, the following is a sample of some of the customers (large and small) currently using our products:

Image of 2N Telekomunikace logo 2N Telekomunikace ( - represents one of the leading European telecommunications equipment manufacturers and suppliers focused on VoIP solutions and operator business. Among the key products in the 2N product portfolio rank GSM, VoIP and UMTS gateways, high-capacity private branch exchanges (PBXs) and door and lift communicators. A testimonial from customer:

"2N uses Objective Systems code in 2N OfficeRoute for service control, system and translations management. Objective Systems code is efficient and well-documented. It enables easy and effective implementation."

CapGemini logo CapGemini is a global innovation, technology and services company with expertise in cloud computing, data artificial intelligence, connectivity, software and digital engineering. CapGemini is using the Go language capability to generate code for applications that use NGAP specifications.
Cisco logo CISCO ( Cisco is using ASN1C to encode and decode ASN.1 definitions for its remote procedure call protocol. The P-cube RPC protocol (PRPC) is used by the Subscriber Management and Provisioning System that is part of its Service Control Platform. The Service Control Platform is a purpose-built service control and active management system specifically designed to analyze, and control applications & subscribers transactions across service provider networks.
CommAgility Logo CommAgility is an LTE pioneer and IP provider in end-to-end software implementation and system design for SDR platforms. They use ASN1C to generate code for ASN.1 LTE standards used throughout their product line. A testimonial from Vice President Brian Meads:

"After a thorough evaluation of ASN.1 tool vendors, it became clear that Objective Systems had the best technology for our products and to meet the demanding needs of our customers in the LTE market. Flexible and easy to work with before we concluded the license, their team is just as reactive to support our technical inquiries and enabled us to release our product ahead of schedule."

Digia logo DIGIA ( - DIGIA's TElement is a general purpose telecom platform for value added services. ASN1C is used to encode and decode MAP and INAP messages. This allows TElement to provide (for example) short message functionality (SMSC) and SRF CS1 capabilities.
Ericsson logo Ericsson ( - Ericsson is using ASN1C on a number of projects including a GPRS-HLR prototype. The generated code is used to encode and decode parameters that are specified in MAP operations.
IGT Logo International Gaming Technologies ( - The IGT Gaming division encompasses product and systems development, MegaJackpotsT wide area progressives, proprietary gaming products, sales, and casino services. They use XBinder with Gaming Standards Association schemas for G2S message protocol communications.
PCTel Logo PCTel RF Solutions ( specializes in the design, optimization and testing of today's wireless communication networks. They develop and build innovative scanning receivers, drive test software, and interference management solutions that help wireless cellular operators get the most out of their wireless spectrum. A testimonial from Senior Software Engineer David Speyer:

"Objective Systems ASN.1 has proved very valuable to us for communication between a PC or Android device and our latest line of scanning receivers. We can extend our messaging interface and still be backward compatible. It is also useful for decoding Layer 3 messages for various communication protocols (WCDMA, LTE, TD-LTE, TD-SCDMA, etc.). Objective Systems provides excellent customer support."

Omnitracs Logo Omnitracs ( provides companies around the globe with industry-leading mobility platforms, applications and services that accelerate business. Products include the OmniTRACS®,OmniOne® and GlobalTRACS® two-way data communication systems, productivity-enhancing applications, and wireless advisory and managed network services. These products serve a variety of industries, including transportation and logistics, third-party logistics, construction, petroleum, retail, food and beverage, and health care.
Oracle Communications ( delivers network intelligence and empowers communication service providers to maintain an optimal subscriber experience. Their flexible interface and extensive protocol library makes it ideal for service providers, whether they are managing growth, tackling issues with an evolving network, ensuring a quality of service for subscribers or providing feedback for ongoing marketing campaigns.
Siemens logo Siemens ( - Siemens Information and Communication Networks is using ASN1C to encode and decode ASN.1 definitions for messaging features and services which are part of a QSIG based private networking protocol. A testimonial from a member of the project team:

"Actually, I am quite happy with how easy it was to integrate the run-time libraries with our embedded system. I didn't find any other viable vendors that would give us the run-time source for our non-standard O/S."

Swisscom Logo SwissCom ( - This Swiss communications company is using ASN1C to develop the SS7 MAP protocol layer for different purposes. Services include a location enabling platform, USSD Gateways, G/I SMSC simulation, test tools to test GSM equipment and various other value added services.