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ASN2TXT (ASN.1 to text translator) is a command-line tool for translating data encoded using BER, CER, DER, or PER ASN.1 encoding rules to various text formats. Currently it supports writing CSV data (for BER/CER/DER only) as well as XML and JSON (all encoding rules).

It provides the capability to transform ASN.1-encoded data to a delimited format by assigning an ASN.1 schema to binary data. No programming is required to produce the output, and the conversions may be done in a batch process.

ASN2TXT attempts to address a common need in data mediation: the conversion of binary-encoded ASN.1 to other formats suitable for user editing or database population. Common applications include CDR formats like TAP3, R12, CCN, and newer 3G CDR formats.

As an example, the following command-line can be used to translate an ASN.1 BER-encoded data file that contains an employee record to XML:

asn2txt message.dat -ber -xml -schema employee.asn

The resulting output would be as follows:


The following would be used to translate to JSON:

asn2txt message.dat -ber -json -schema employee.asn

with the following resulting output:


The XML translation capability can be sampled online by using our free ASN.1-to-XML web service.

Pricing and licensing information is available here.

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