Custom Software Development

For more advanced applications, we offer custom programming services. This goes beyond the generation of a simple reader and writer into the development of a customized message-processing framework. Some examples of these types of applications are as follows:

  • Development of custom 3GPP / LTE encoders and decoders. These messages are specified in 3GPP Technical Specification (TS) documents using tabular notation and Concrete Syntax Notation 1 (CSN.1). The custom software uses the same base run-time as our ASN.1 generated code.
  • Client/server applications for exchanging ASN.1-encoded data over stream/socket-based interfaces.
  • File or database applications that can handle the formatting or parsing of huge ASN.1 messages on disk such as TAP3 billing records.
  • Space optimized applications for embedded systems. We cut down the generated code and libraries to leave you with the minimum amount of code required.
  • Multithreaded applications.