TAP3 Tools

Applications for working with GSMA TAP3 data files. These include the TAP3VE viewer/editor and TAP3 DLL.

TAP3VE icon TAP3 Viewer/Editor

TAP3VE (TAP3 Viewer/Editor) is a specialized version of of our ASN1VE graphical user interface (GUI) tool for analyzing and editing TAP3, RAP, and NTRTDE data files. It eliminates the steps to assign encoding rules and ASN.1 schema files. It is also capable of dealing with different versions of TAP3 files by assigning the correct schema based on the version number embedded in the file.


The Transferred Account Procedure 3 (TAP3) DLL is a software component that supports the encoding and decoding of data files in ASN.1 format as defined in the GSM TD.57 TAP3 standard.

Code for the DLL was generated with our ASN1C Compiler for multiple versions of the TAP3 standard. The DLL can be easily integrated into a user application to support manipulation of TAP3 data. Features of the API are as follows:

  • Supports multiple versions of the TAP3 standard (9 through 12)
  • Auto-detection of file version in reader.
  • Available for both Windows and Linux in 64-bit configurations.
  • Includes support for Return Account Procedure (RAP) and Near Real-Time Roaming Data Exchange (NTRTDE).
  • Supports encoding and decoding of large TAP3 files in parts for more efficient memory usage.
  • Includes support for conversion of binary data to and from JSON and XML.
  • Includes a Python wrapper.

A 30-day free evaluation of TAP3VE or TAP3DLL may be obtained by clicking on one of the links below. This will redirect you to our login page where you will first need to create a user account if you don't already have one. Be sure to provide a valid E-mail address as the product license file will be sent to this address.

Download TAP3VE

Download TAP3DLL

License Costs

TAP3VE is licensed on a per-user subscription basis. Costs are as follows:

License Term Price
3 months $90
6 months $170
12 months $320

The license cost includes support for the term of the license.

TAP3DLL is licensed on either a per-host or unlimited redistribution basis. The costs and descriptions of these options are as follows:

License Type Description Price
Per-host A node-locked license tied to a given computer. $600
Unlimited License is not tied to a specific machine. Redistribution of the DLL embedded within end-user products is permitted. This type of license must be purchased for use in virtual machine environments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). $6,000


Support entitles the user to phone and E-mail support with guaranteed response within 2 business days. It also provides the user with access to all new releases, both minor and major. Support for the first year is included in the initial development fee cost. After that, support may be renewed annually at a cost of 20% of the total license fees paid to date. Continuing support is optional, if not renewed, the user may continue to use and deploy applications with the current version of the product they had the time support expired.