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ASN.1 to Go diagram

The ASN1C ASN.1 compiler can generate Go source code for encoding and decoding ASN.1 messages. The following ASN.1 encoding rules are supported:

  • BER, DER, PER - aligned (PER) and unaligned (UPER), JSON (JER)

A separate Go type is generated for each production defined in an ASN.1 specification. Functions are generated to encode or decode data to and from an instance of the type.


  • Intuitive mapping between ASN.1 and Go types.
  • Supports generation of optional methods to print data.
  • Supports generation of random test data and a main.go program containing a reader and writer.
  • Comprehensive ASN.1 feature coverage including support for table constraints, content constraints, extension element groups, all ASN.1 types, and ASN.1 value notation.
  • Full Go source code generated including base run-time.