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ASN.1 to Java diagram

The ASN1C ASN.1 compiler can generate Java source code for encoding and decoding ASN.1 messages. The following ASN.1 encoding rules are supported:

  • PER - aligned (APER) and unaligned (UPER)
  • OER (including canonical COER)
  • XER and OSys XML

Generated Java encoders/decoders and run-time are a 100% pure Java solution for encoding an decoding ASN.1-based messages.

The generated Java code consists of a series of Java source files - one for each production (type) defined within an ASN.1 specification. Each of these Java files contains (at a minimum) the following items:

  • A public member data variable (or variables) to hold data of the generated type.
  • A constructor (or constructors) to initialize the variable.
  • An encode method.
  • A decode method.
  • A print method to print the contents of the object to a given output stream.

There is also a run-time library for Java. This consists of a series of classes for encoding and decoding the primitive ASN.1 types. For example, the Asn1Integer class will encode or decode a variable of the ASN.1 INTEGER type. The compiler will extend these base classes to form higher level types derived directly from the base types, or assemble a series of these lower level objects to form constructed types (SEQUENCE, for example).


  • Intuitive mapping between ASN.1 type and Java classes.
  • In-memory and stream-based encoding and decoding.
  • Support for Java Micro Edition Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC)
  • Supports generation of utility functions to print, compare, and copy data in generated structures.
  • Supports generation of random test data and reader and writer programs
  • Supports generation of ant build.xml files to build generated code as well as support for Maven and Gradle build frameworks.
  • Comprehensive ASN.1 feature coverage including support for table constraints, content constraints, extension element groups, all ASN.1 types, and ASN.1 value notation.
  • SAX-like event handler interface allows for user-defined callbacks
  • NAS extensions make it possible to generate Java code to support 3GPP layer 3 messages using a specially constructed ASN.1 specification.