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ASN1C iconASN1C Standard Run-time Platform Types

The following are common run-time platform configurations we can provide as standard items in a per-host or unlimited binary run-time deployment package. If a configuration is not on this list, adding it would be considered a "custom build" and additional charges above the standard cost to add a run-time platform would apply.

Operating System Processor C/C++ Compiler
Windows 64-bit x86-64 Visual Studio
Windows 32-bit x86 Visual Studio + gcc (MINGW)
Linux 64-bit x86-64 gcc
Linux 64-bit MIPS64 gcc
Linux 64-bit PowerPC 64 gcc
Linux 64-bit ARM gcc
Linux 32-bit x86 gcc
Linux 32-bit MIPS gcc
Linux 32-bit PowerPC gcc
Linux 32-bit ARM gcc
Android 64-bit ARM gcc
Apple iOS 9.2 ARM7 clang
Apple Mac OSX 64-bit x86-64 clang
Apple Mac M1 64-bit ARM clang
Solaris 32 & 64-bit x86 Sun CC + gcc
Solaris 32 & 64-bit Sparc Sun CC + gcc
ThreadX 32-bit ARM gcc