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The CSTA DLL software is licensed in two separate parts:

  • Development - this allows for application development and use on a few computers
  • Deployment - this allows the CSTA DLL to be packaged with a value-added application and redistributed to third party end users.


The cost is $550 per host (node-locked) or $750 for a floating (concurrent use) license. This is the cost of a development license or limited use license if application is only to be used on a few machines.


If a user is developing an application that is to be deployed on many computers, a royalty is to be paid on each redistributed copy. The first ten development and/or deployment licenses would be at the development license cost ($550 for per-host, $750 for floating). After that, additional licenses may be purchased as described in the following table:

Quantity Price per Unit
Price per Unit
1 to 10 units (includes development) $550 $750
11 to 50 units $250 $375
51 to 100 units $120 $180
101 to unlimited $10 $15

In this case a "unit" is a host computer on which the application linked with the CSTA DLL is run.

The value-added application program must be approved by Objective Systems in order to receive this discount schedule. A written description of the application is required and/or a working demo copy.

An initial deposit of $5,500 may be provided to remove license checking from product (the cost of the first 10 licenses). The user also has the option to "pay as he goes", but in this case, license checking will remain in place and the user must provide a host name for each licensed computer on which the application will be run until the deposit amount is received. Note that this applies to the "per-host" option only - not floating.


Support entitles the user to phone and E-mail support with guaranteed response within 2 business days. It also provides the user with access to all new releases, both minor and major. Support for the first year is included in the initial development fee cost. After that, support may be renewed annually at a cost of 20% of the total license fees paid to date. Continuing support is optional, if not renewed, the user may continue to use and deploy applications with the current version of the product they are using. Royalty fees may still apply, however.

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