Objective Open Source

This page contains links and information on open source libraries and frameworks developed by Objective Systems.

The following open source packages are available:

oocborrt - Open Source C CBOR run-time library

The Objective Open CBOR Run-time is an open source C run-time library implementation of the Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR) format as documented in IETF RFC 7049. It contains functions for encoding and decoding data to and from CBOR format.

The library may be downloaded from the link below:

Download Objective Open CBOR Run-time (oocborrt)

Instructions on building the library for various platform types are provided in the README.md file contained within.

ooberrt - Open Source BER/DER run-time library

The Objective Open BER/DER Run-time is an add-on component to the ASN1C compiler that provides a less-restricted redistribution model than our standard commercial libraries. The library does not provide full support for the X.680 standard, but provides support for the most common items used in many ASN.1 specifications. These include security specifications such as PKIX and CMS; a number of telephony call detail record (CDR) formats such as TAP3, NRTRDE, and various vendor switch specifications; and other simple specifications that make use of the BER/DER encoding rules.

Particular ASN.1 types known to not be supported in this library include REAL, EXTERNAL, EMBEDDED-PDV, Restricted Character String, and the newer date/time and IRI types. In addition, the library is known to be not as performant as our standard, commercial BER/DER/CER library. Nonetheless, it should prove to be adequate for a variety of applications.

The library may be downloaded from the link below:

Download Objective Open BER/DER Run-time (ooberrt)

Instructions on installing into an existing ASN1C installation are provided in the README.txt file contained within.

ooh323c - Open Source H.323 VoIP stack

Objective Systems Open H.323 for C (ooh323c) is a simple H.323 protocol stack developed in C. The ASN.1 PER messaging code was developed using the ASN1C compiler using a modified version of our core run-time libraries. Additional open source components as well as code developed in-house were added to produce a functioning stack.

The goal is to produce a reusable framework that contains the signaling logic to allow channels to be created and terminated for different H.323 applications. The complexity and unique requirements of these applications make it difficult to create a "one size fits all" solution. We are hoping that releasing this as open source will make it more useful for a wider variety of applications.

This software is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). If you wish to use this software in proprietary applications, please contact us at sales@obj-sys.com.

OOH323C is part of Asterisk

asterisk logoooH323c is included as an add-on to the Asterisk open source PBX. The Asterisk-ooH323c channel driver is available as part of the ooH323c download below.

Download OOH323C

Click on on of the link below to download the latest released version:

ooH323c source or binary distribution files


Online documentation on the ooh323c stack is available at the following links:

ooH323c User's Guide
ooH323c API Reference

OOH323C at SourceForge.net

ooH323c is also maintained at sourceforge.net where mailing list forums, bug reporting facilities, and CVS access to the latest code base are available. The link to the project at SourceForge is as follows:


Please post questions or problems to the mailing list.