ASN.1 Training

Objective Systems provides ASN.1 on-site training for interested customers, tailoring the material to specific needs and situations.

A laptop computer is required to do the hands-on part of the training. The laptop must have one of the following operating systems and development tool packages installed:

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8 with Visual Studio 2008 or higher
  • Linux or Solaris with gcc/c++ (version 3.x or higher)

ASN1C Training Outline

Training is presented over two days, organized so that ASN.1 theory is discussed on the first day and the ASN.1 compiler tools written by Objective Systems are covered on the second day.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Day 1 Agenda
    1. Introduction
      • Why ASN.1?
      • Intro to ASN1C
    2. ASN.1 Basics
      • ASN.1 Types
      • ASN.1 Module Structure
      • Encoding Rules Comparison
    3. ASN.1 Advanced Topics
      • Basic Encoding Rules
      • Packed Encoding Rules
      • Version Control
      • Type Parameterization
      • Two-Phase Encoding
      • Information Objects
  • Day 2 Agenda
    1. Using ASN1C
      • Hello, World!
      • Type and Value Mappings
      • Sample Encoding and Decoding
    2. ASN1C Advanced Topics
      • Error Handling
      • Encoding and Decoding in a Loop
      • Memory Management
      • Performance
    3. Odds and Ends
      • Command-line Options
      • Configuration File Options