XBinder XBinder v2.8.x

An XML data binding tool for generating C/C++, Java, or C# data structures and encoders/decoders from XML schema specifications.

Platform Metadata
Windows Windows 64-bit Details
Windows Windows 32-bit Details
Linux Linux x86 32 and 64-bit Details
Linux Linux ARM 64-bit Details
Linux Linux ARM 32-bit Details
Linux Linux x86 64-bit (glib 2.12) Details
Mac macOS Intel 64-bit Details
Mac macOS M1 ARM 64-bit Details


Windows Instructions:

  • After downloading, double-click the executable filename (xbv280x64evl.exe or xbv280w32evl.exe) to launch the installer program.

Linux / macOS Instructions:

  • After downloading, unzip and untar the distribution file (xbv280lnxevl.tar.gz) into any working directory. The Linux x86 distribution contains executable files built on a Linux x86-64 platform and run-time libraries for both x86 64 and 32 bit systems

View the README file for further instructions.

If you requested an evaluation license key to enable advanced programs features, this will be E-mailed separately upon review of contact information.