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  1. TAP 3 DLL Software for ASN1C v74

    Published: Mon 06 July 2020
    By dcoup

    In TAP3.

    The Objective Systems TAP 3 DLL product provides a library of C functions for encoding and decoding messages formatted according to any of the following specifications:

    • TAP (Transferred Account Procedure) versions 0309 through 0312, as defined in the TD.57 documents.
    • RAP (Returned Account Procedure) version 0105-0312, as defined in …
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  2. The ASN1C Visual Studio Wizard

    You may or not be aware that ASN1C includes a Visual Studio Wizard that you can use from Visual Studio to build a library from one or more ASN.1 files. If you have at least ASN1C v732, the wizard is present and usable.

    The files for the wizard are …

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  3. Missing DLL Error When Trying to Start ASN1VE on Windows

    If you're running a Windows system with a version of the operating system that is older than Windows 10, there's a chance you'll see a pop-up box like this if you install and try to start ASN1VE:


    The missing DLL is part of the Visual Studio 2015 redistributable kit. If …

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  4. Re-using Decoded Items in a Subsequent Encoding

    This blog post attempts to provide advice about re-using items from a decoded message in a subsequent encoding of a different message.

    Let's look at the employee sample in the c/sample_ber/employee directory of the ASN1C SDK. The ASN.1 specification for this sample is fairly simple and looks …

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  5. Canonical OER

    Published: Fri 29 September 2017
    By dcoup

    In ASN1C.

    With ASN1C v7.1 it's possible to encode and decode OER in C according to the canonical OER rules. Canonical OER can be utilized by setting the ASN1CANON flag in the context before the encoding or decoding is done:
    rtxCtxtSetFlag(&ctxt, ASN1CANON);
    The Canonical sample in c/sample_oer illustrates using …
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  6. Getting Started with ASN1C

    Published: Fri 08 September 2017
    By dcoup

    In ASN1C.

    So, you have an ASN.1 specification. And you have ASN1C. How do you use ASN1C in order to work with messages that conform to the specification?

    The best way to find out how to use ASN1C with a given specification is to ask ASN1C itself. There are a few …

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  7. CSTADLL v2.3 Is Now Available

    Objective Systems has released v2.3 of its CSTADLL software. You can find information about CSTADLL here, under the CSTA .NET DLL tab.

    The new features in v2.3 are as follows:

    • Support for the Unify OpenScape 4000.
    • Much more robust CSTA XML support.
    • Multiple small DLLs instead of one …
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  8. CSTADLL v2.2.0 is now available

    Version 2.2.0 of Objective Systems' CSTADLL product is now available. This version adds the following new capabilities:

    • XML CSTA Support - It's now possible to send and receive XML CSTA (ECMA-323) messages.
    • Easier Extensibility - It's now easier to extend CSTADLL to work with PBXes that are not already explicitly …
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