1. ASN1C v6.2 release

    ASN1C version 6.2 is now an official release!  What we plan to do in the weeks and months ahead in this blog is to provide a more complete description of some of the new features than what you will find in the documentation.  This includes example code, tips on …

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  2. Compiling Siemens MAP specifications

    We get asked rather frequently why compilations of a form of ASN.1 specification associated with the Siemens ASN.1 compiler fails to compile with our tools. The comment at the top of this type of file is of the following form:

    --  Expanded ASN1 Module 'MAP-MobileServiceOperations' --  SIEMENS ASN.1 Compiler …

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  3. Link Order Failures

    A common set of linkage failures looks something like this:

    Undefined                        first referenced
    symbol                              in file
    rtxCtxtSetMemHeap                   /opt/asn1c-v613/c/libgcc3/libasn1ber.a(obj.o)
    rtxFileReadBinary                   /opt/asn1c-v613/c/libgcc3/libasn1ber.a(rtb.o)

    The two symbols rtxCtxtSetMemHeap and rtxReadFileBinary are defined in our common runtime library. Users always report …

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  4. Stack Check Failures

    A number of our Linux users have written to us about linking failures that look something like this:

    undefined reference to `__stack_chk_fail'

    Link errors of this sort arise when trying to link an application using a version of gcc that is inconsistent with the one we used to compile our …

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