osrtexi.h File Reference

EXI low-level C context and structure definitions. More...

#include "rtxsrc/rtxContext.h"
#include "rtxsrc/rtxStack.h"
#include "rtexisrc/rtEXIEncAutomaton.h"
#include "rtexisrc/rtEXIEncStringTables.h"
#include "rtexisrc/rtEXIDecStringTables.h"
#include "rtexisrc/rtEXIStateTable.h"
#include "rtxsrc/rtxDiagBitTrace.h"

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#define rtEXISetBufPtr(pctxt, bufaddr, bufsiz)   rtxCtxtSetBufPtr (pctxt, bufaddr, bufsiz)
 This function is used to set the internal buffer within the run-time library context.
#define rtEXIGetMsgPtr(pctxt)   (pctxt)->buffer.data
 This macro returns the start address of the encoded EXI message.
#define rtEXIGetMsgLen(pctxt)   (pctxt)->buffer.byteIndex
 This macro returns the length of the encoded XML message.
#define rtEXISetOption(pctxt, option)   EXICTXT(pctxt)->options |= option;
 This macro is used to set a bit flag in the EXI options bit mask.
#define rtEXIClearOption(pctxt, option)   EXICTXT(pctxt)->options &= ~option;
 This macro is used to clear a bit flag in the EXI options bit mask.
#define rtEXITestOption(pctxt, option)   ((EXICTXT(pctxt)->options & option) != 0)
 This macro tests if the given option is set in the EXI context.
#define rtEXISetValueChannelId(pctxt, channelId)   EXICTXT(pctxt)->curChannelId = channelId
 This macro sets the compression channel ID in the EXI context.
#define rtEXISetFragmentLevel(pctxt, fraglevel)   EXICTXT(pctxt)->selfContainedLevel = fraglevel
 This macro sets level of elements, that encoded as self-contained fragment.
#define rtEXISetFragmentElement(pctxt, fragelement)   EXICTXT(pctxt)->selfContainedElemName = (const OSUTF8CHAR*) (fragelement)
 This macro sets name of element, that encoded as self-contained fragment.


EXTERNEXI int rtEXIInitContext (OSCTXT *pctxt)
 This function initializes a context variable for EXI encoding or decoding.
EXTERNEXI int rtEXIInitCtxtAppInfo (OSCTXT *pctxt)
 This function initializes the EXI application info section of the given context.
EXTERNEXI int rtEXICtxtSetStateTable (OSCTXT *pctxt, const OSEXIStateTableRecord *statetab, OSINT16 nrows)
 This function will set the state table in the EXI context to the given value if it is not already set.
EXTERNEXI void rtEXIEnableBitFieldTrace (OSCTXT *pctxt)
 This function turns on bit field tracing and initializes the bit field trace list.
EXTERNEXI int rtEXISetUriPrefix (OSCTXT *pctxt, const OSUTF8CHAR *prefix, const OSUTF8CHAR *uri)
 This function assign URI prefix for EXI decoding.

Detailed Description

EXI low-level C context and structure definitions.

Definition in file osrtexi.h.